The year is 2098. The place is Canada. The man is Ghost Beaver Kick.
The beaver is a puppet.
After the evil Moonitsu organisation connects the Earth and Moon
together with a giant space magnet, Ghost Beaver Kick and his best
friend, Sigma, fight back to save the Earth, the Moon, and Canada.
With the help of their beaver friend Mr. Maples, Ghost Beaver Kick
and Sigma will face off against ninjas, raiders, lizardmen, and
enthusiastic snowmobilers in their attempt to get from Northern
Ontario to Southern Ontario.
There, the team must face not only the nefarious organisation and
its leader, but also the reasons for a province’s
Ghost Beaver Kick is a story about bravery, courage, heart, and the
flammability of corduroy pants.
Technical Information
Runtime: 37:53
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Shooting Format: HD, 1920x1080
Language: English with some French
Filming Location: Ontario, Canada
Completion Date: January 2019
Subtitles: yes

new ontario brewing co. commercial
North Bay’s own New Ontario Brewery agreed to sponsor Ghost Beaver Kick, and in return we created a short, one minute commercial for them. 
We included several potential taglines in this cut so that New Ontario could choose their favourite.
In addition to creating a commercial for New Ontario Brewery, we also included their tasty brews in the Premiere announcement.!
Also included are characters from episodes that didn’t survive, including The Goatbear Head (episode 4) and White Ninja Shark (Episode 5).
release the pancakes
Ghost Beaver Kick’s offer still stands – just send us your personal mailing address, and GBK himself will send you three fresh flapjacks coated in real Canadian maple syrup!
It’s also a great last-minute gift idea for your friends!

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