The North Bay Bay was a satirical news website that ran from 2017 to 2022. the leads writers were philip st. george, Jennifer hanson, and darren d. macdonald.
Popular topics included the release of three Brazilian bull sharks into Lake Nipissing (“Happy,” “Harry” and “Sir Bites-A-Lot”), an illegal Raccoon Fighting Club (go George Cooney, go!), the Eldritch, city-shaping entity known only as THE ONE BEYOND (All Hail), and an army of Skittle spitting salting trucks.
The North Bay Bay was celebrated by former North Bay Mayor Al McDonald and garnered nearly 3 million hits before closing its digital doors in 2022. 
It completed its five-year journey with only two Cease & Desists, a published 5 Year collection (complete with the grammar mistake philip made on page 9) and a dozen mild-to-spicy death threats.
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