Now a disgraced P.I., Marius M. Quick has taken residence in a new city with the hopes of creating a life for himself. But a murderer, dubbed “The Pasta Killer” by the media, has begun eliminating Marius’s friends and connections. 
As the killer narrows in on the investigator himself, Marius’s past begins to seep through and spoil the life he’s created. 
With time winding down, the private eye begins to realize that the only thing more horrific than the murders being committed are his own actions – those he has desperately tried to forget.

Technical Information
Runtime: 119:04
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Shooting Format: HD, 1440x1080, Black and white
Language: English
Filming Location: Ontario, Canada
Completion Date: January 2016
Subtitles: no​​​​​​​
The Film
Nature investigation (2012)
Marius M. Quick was many things over his long career: an investigator, window washer, ill-fated lion tamer and even (when things got rough) a movie star.
Low on cash, Marius M. Quick on took on the role of a nature guide in a low-budget educational film entitled “Nature Investigation.”
This is that film.
The pasta killer! mini series (2012)
Before "The pasta killer!" movie was made, we cut our teeth creating a mini series.
originally mapped out as a drama-turned-comedy, the pasta killer! series instead became eight film noir vignettes before eventually being rolled and reformed into the full length film.
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