Unopop (short for Unorthodox Poppycock) started in 2008, posting short and long form videos on YouTube. Early clips included video game spoofs “The Death of Aeris,” educational comedies like “The Duchess of Malfi in 5 ½ Minutes” and philosophical films such as “Nietzsche and Schopenhauer” (split into 3 parts to circumvent YouTube’s then hard 10 minute time limit).
Success came from video game themed projects like “Real Life Bioshock!” and “Real Life Skyrim,” as well as quirky one-offs like “REAL LIVE DRAGON ATTACK!!!”
While we haven’t posted much on YouTube since our focus moved to longer film endeavors and projects like The North Bay Bay, we’re still very proud of our channel.
Below is a selection of our most popular films. More can be found through our YouTube page!

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